The Walsh dance-group of songs RUSAVA Bystrice pod Hostynem, Czech republic

About us

The Wallachian ensemble of songs and dances "RUSAVA" from Bystřice pod Hostýnem maintains in our consciousness traditions, songs and dances from south-west Wallachia.

The biggest emphasis is layed on the folklore heritage of wallachian village Rusava, whose name the ensemble carries. Love for folk art and traditions of Walachian region (Valašsko) has brought in the ensemble so far hundreds of dancers and musicians, who have for several decades given out happiness through wallachian melodies and dances.

The group was founded in October in 1953. Ever since it has given a lot of performances not only in Bystřice pod Hostýnem and its surroundings, but also during festivals and folklore meetings within Czech Republic; many of these performaces were also awarded.

The ensemble took part in many festivals and folklore meetings around Europe while representing national folklore and Czech Republic.

During these tours the group established friendship with many European ensembles – mainly from Germany, but also from Spain, Belgium, Holland and Slovakia. International friendship and visits still exist and the meetings are interesting comparison of European folklore.

For friends and fans of folk songs and dances the ensemble Rusava organises the famous wallachian balls, parties and full-length programmes dedicated to great personalities, anniversaries and folklore traditions, e.g. Christmas concerts. The ensemble also organises an international folklore festival called "Na rynku v Bystřici" (festival called “On the townsquare of Bystřice”), which is held every two years on the town square, and “Podhostýnské září” (festival called “September under the hill Hostýn”). Unforgettable are also the meetings on St.Nicholas day and Easter Monday, that preserve the old wallachian traditions, songs and habits.

The main part of the ensemble is a dance group with 35 dancers aged 15 to 55. Other parts are the girls´ choir and two cimbal bands – The cimbal band Bukovinka and The cimbal band Rusava. 

Rusava presents in the repertoire the traditional wallachian dances – twist dances, figure dances, dances with an example of traditional craft and also dances with the motive of wallachian rebel „Zbojník“.


The performance lasts about 30 to 90 minutes, it is usually a mixture of dances with bands and choirs items.

Cimbal bands also offer have their own performances in family celebrations and birthdays or company parties.